Why I Do What I Do


My name is Julie and I care about where my eggs come from.  Do you?

I rehome ex-commercial hens from cages, barns and free range environments.

These hens will spend their life laying eggs (up to seven per week) for 18 months and then will be sent for slaughter.  I think they deserve a better life in their retirement so that is why I do what I do.

In an ideal world these hens wouldn’t be kept in appalling conditions so I am a great advocate of informing people which companies use free range eggs in their products and those who does not.

Although most people say that they buy ‘free range eggs’ they often don’t realise that other products they purchase contain egg come from cage and barn hens.  If it doesn’t say FREE RANGE EGG in the ingredients, then it will not be from a free range hen.

Everything I write is the result of information that I have either discovered on packaging or by contacting the manufacturer.

Please let me know if any of the information I share is inaccurate.

Thank you.




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